22 December, 2010

Fruit, Nut & Rum balls

Child participation is a very regular occurance in our kitchen.
It's always great when I can find something for them to really help with.
Here, Little Pipkin is snipping up apricots ready to be soaked.
(They're dark in colour because they're organic and suphur free)

Today we're making Apricot & Coconut balls, an adapted recipe from this wonderful little book about healthy snacks and treats.

Snack it Out by Donalee Harkett

Combining coconut and almond meal before
toasting a little in the oven, to add a richer flavour
All ingredients in the blender

Ready to be rolled into balls

4 flavours this year:

middle left - carob coconut rough
top right - apricot and coconut
bottom left - 5 nut & maple syrup
bottom right - chocolate rum

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