30 December, 2010

Daily backyard Australian wildlife

Just today, we have had a few visits.
Every day we see this dragon (wish I could find out which species...)
'His' name is Larry.
There's another lizard living just down the decking from this one, dubbed 'Larry's Baby'
They're rather fond of berries,
only now and again of course!

The favourite Christmas present this year came from Dad.


Every other night we go out and see what we can spy.

A cane toad cramming itself into a rock wall.

Not ideal, but we have no real prejudice when out spotting.
We have THREE bush turkeys that stir up our compost heap.

Two female, one male.

They have no fear of us whatsoever and practically reside in our garden these days.

This evening we finally had no rain and a sunset.

Little Pipkin has spotted one of our nightly visitors

St Andrew's Cross Spider

We have so many spiders around here.

Just tonight we found 7 species, but it was a bit dark by then to get a decent photo.

They are so colourful, but I guess, so are all the creatures up this way.

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