15 November, 2010

Coconut Shell Bird Feeder

My animal loving Mr Turtle got it into his head, he wanted to make a bird feeder.
I had all sorts of ideas for weeks about using recycled materials.
But the fact of the matter was, I basically didn't want to hang plastic in my garden!

As it rains so much here, I had to think of another plan.

Inspiration came, when yet again,
I was flicking through a favourite book ~

Once a coconut has been chosen, tools must be collected and milk drained
by poking a couple of the holes out & tipping over a glass.
This milk is delicious and good for you.
We drink it fresh ☺

The hacksawing took a while, I admit. I used my rounded hollow herb board
(from mezzaluna set) for stability,
over a damp cloth to reduce slipping.
I like my fingers.
I estimated and cut out a quarter of the coconut shell.
I kept in mind where the holes were and to keep them, to use to hang it later.
While I was taking this photo, Mr Pipkin snaffled the spare piece.

All of the flesh needs to be removed and only the shell to remain.
Darn! So we had to eat it.

I twisted wire securely through the holes.
Makes a loop to hang on a branch, at the top end.

We bought a sunflower seed free, wild bird seed.
Although beautiful and practical in a garden,
not ideal to be spreading seeds throughout the native bushland.
My man helped to hang it. He's much taller than myself.

Ready to go.
Now we'll watch and wait.
Yes, Mr Turtle was rather pleased.


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