30 October, 2010

Banana Silk Surfie Anklet

Mr Turtle is determined to become a Surfer.
Well, now we live closer to the beach, so why not?
I guess being 4 might be the biggest obstacle ~ but so as to not discourage my little guy I thought I'd make him a Surfie Band for his ankle.
He LOVES it!

I used red dyed banana silk.
Cowrie shells I picked up in Mexico
and some small wooden beads to hold it all together.
He couldn't wait to try it on.
But now Little Pipkin is eager for his own.
Hmmm, Think, think, think!

24 October, 2010

Knitted duck for our Spring Table

It's Spring.
What can I whip up for the Season Table this year?
I turned to one of my favourite books on the subject: The Children's Year

And this is what I came up with!
It only took me an hour to knit and a little longer to stuff and sew together.
And isn't it convenient that it was raining when I went to take a photo?
He looks quite at home doesn't he?


22 October, 2010

Growing Sprouts, with Kids

So easy! & Totally HANDS ON for any age.
Look great.
Taste great.
Great for us.

Teaches responsibility &amp so many potential lessons on life health, nutrition, our body, cycles, botany, gardening... I'm sure the list is almost endless!

 DAY 1

 DAY 2

 DAY 3

 DAY 4

 DAY 5

We folded some newspaper. Placed it on a shallow container. Wet the paper. Sprinkled on a (yummy smelling) sprout mix. Sprayed the 'garden' each morning and night with water in a spray bottle. Watched them sprout and grow, discussed what was happening... and nibbled along the way!


06 October, 2010

Drying chillies

My man likes chillies.
Strike that.
LOVES hot food.

So, I thought I would lovingly dry these potent, organic little fellas for him.

I remembered to use gloves.
Made sure the kids weren't around...

After 10mins ~
My lips were singing.
My eyes watering.
My nose running.
My lungs coughing.

But, don't they look pretty?


01 October, 2010

Roast Pumpkin Cashew Dip recipe

I like to roast my pumpkin with olive oil & whole cumin seeds.
We eat it as a snack – hot or cold.

I roasted a whole pumpkin this last time and
remembered I had a dip recipe to use the surplus.
Just the thing when about to go a-visiting!

Roast Pumpkin & Cashew Dip Recipe

1 cup raw cashews (soaked overnight)

2cups roasted pumpkin

1 crushed garlic clove

1 tsp fresh rosemary

Himalayan rock sale

Pinch cayenne pepper

Squeeze lemon juice

Blend all ingredients until your preferred consistency

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