07 September, 2010

Palm Tree Seed Pods

What can you do with a palm seed pod?

Well, my man was feeling energetic and started beautifying our backyard.

We have several mature palm trees in our garden, so now & again some of the older leaves sag and need trimming.
They need to be sawn off, which isn't really a job for me.
But I at least held the ladder!

And you can see the beautiful gifts we received as a result of this not-so-hard work.

Immediately my boys took one each for a boat and a toy bed.

I sorted through them to find the perfect Seasonal Dinner Table Display Dish

And with the remainder?
They make great gifts.
I let my friends sort through to choose their own. One has hers across the fireplace mantle.
Mother Nature has many gifts to share.
Sometimes it's just a matter of looking from a different angle!

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  1. I LOVE the palm seed pods your trees create. Would you be willing to share some of your next harvest? Much Thanks, Marlena 407 491 7258


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