08 September, 2010

Crocheted headband

What does Mum do in the passenger seat on a road trip?
  • Read the map
  • Organise the snacks
  • Sings the songs
  • Plays the games
  • Makes the warm drinks
  • Organises the music...
But when the kids are asleep and Dad has his earphones in, there's a little time to do something SHE wants to and enjoys
Something for herself
Something meditative
And for me, that's craft!

A great project to stop and start. No row counting necessary.
My new headband.
Verigated Alpaca wool in greens & blues, combined with a second strand of hemp twine.

Ah, love the simplicity.
These type of projects are just so, quickly, rewarding.


  1. Hey, you did one! I love it - the colours are so you :)

  2. I did, I did!
    And I love it.
    Maybe will try a much broader one next time. Though this style is proving to be very handy to quickly, tidy my hair ;)


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