22 August, 2010

Moving Home: Desert to Tropics

My family have moved around a lot. Both in Australia and overseas.
Another moving event, in our lives, is actually just now, on the horizon.

From the arid desert ~ to the coastal sub-tropics.
I always love moving home. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea!
Isn't it on the top five list for stressful events in a person's life?

Well, for me it's exciting.
Going through all I've accumulated over time with a discerning eye.

Deciding which items to sell on, which to take with us.

Then there's the new location ♫♪
I'm a bit of an organiser, so working out which rooms will be for what and whom.
Where furniture will go and which of my treasured items will be placed in them.
It flips my tummy when I think about it!

Planning the vege garden is exciting in itself. Starting out by guessing and waiting.
Then as time goes by, watching out for all the nooks and crannies our sun
might peep into throughout, the seasons.

Of course there's the new adventures to be had.
Places to explore, to become our own.
More experiences, entertainment and inspirations.

And then eventually, all of this will become & provide,
the calmness of comfort.

It's such a wonderful journey, moving us forward.

Can you pick out the whales, to the left, in this photo?☺

From the Desert

To the Coastal Hinterland

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