07 August, 2010

Heart & Hand ~crafted Beaded Gifts

Below are some of the most recent gifts I have
created with my hands and given with my heart.

I LOVE giving gifts, perhaps more than recieving them.

Well, that's mostly true!
Let's say that often, the feeling is equally as wonderful ☺

Finally a new baby eventually means teething.
Although some bubs pass through this almost unscathed, often many don't. 
So, a little natural help in the form of an
authentic Baltic amber teething necklace,
is always gratefully received
(I do sell these, please email me for more details)

A beaded rainbow necklace for the gorgeous son of family friends.
He turned 5 this year

My sister needed a breast feeding necklace to help her 6 month old
pay a little more attention to the job at hand.

I think many of us can relate to that?

A friend suggested her husband's back pain, might be somewhat allieviated

by his wearing amber daily.
She thought the gentle healing, calming and natural pain relief baltic amber has been documented to provide, would be beneficial.

(I do sell these, please email me for more details OR 

I found the 'perfect' pendant for my brother-in-law
and had to make a necklace to surround it.

Pregnancy and childbirth bracelet, earrings and pendant for 3 different friends,
to wear both while they were pregnant & giving birth.

Each of them gave birth to boys... just an interesting fact!

The greens and blues were intentionally chosen due to colour therapy ideals

The semi-precious stones I used, for their relevant properties, were~
Amazonite (Aqua); Moss Agate (Moss Green); Rose Quartz (Pink); Sodalite (deep Blue & white); Malachite (rich greens); Moonstone (Opalescent)


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  1. What lovely work you do! I love the pregnancy bracelet!


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