02 August, 2010

Gifted Wild Honeycomb

A wild honeybee hive was discovered and removed from under someone's porch
by some local apiarists.

We were lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour
(and the bees of course)

Little Pipkin and Mr Turtle appear to be pointing don't they?

No - they're finger dipping!
They were so patient while I took some photos.
Just another example of how 'putting it out there' can work.
I've often fondly remember munching away on real honeycomb,
freshly removed from a hive on my Grandfather's property,
when I was a little girl.

I always keep an eye out at markets, when local producers are selling their honey.
Just in case I might be able to share the oozingly sweet experience with my boys.

Putting a full piece into your mouth, biting down into the soft wax,
sweetness flowing out of the wee holes.
Chewing and chewing until your left with a firm, empty, small piece of wax.
A huge grin and sticky chin.
What a sublime treat!

I often ask the market stallholders about honeycomb,
but they normally prefer to keep their hives intact.
Then one day I met Helga and gave her my number...just in case...

Nearly two months after our first meeting, she called me with a wonderful surprise...
A whole lot of honeycomb!
My boys were as ecstatic and elated as I was.

We've been enjoying it daily together, and with our friends.

So much goodness

Thanks Helga!

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