08 July, 2010


Hello and welcome to my family.

You can call me AletaBon ~ a nickname from childhood that's always made me feel good!

I consider myself a continuously evolving Mama (dubbed Mama by my eldest at an early age ~ & with my youngest, well, it seems to have stuck!), partner, sister, friend and woman.

I grow with two gorgeous little men. My eldest born in 2006, youngest 2008. Heretherein known as Mr Turtle (Eldest) & Little Pipkin (Youngest).

My Man is my live-in & love-in support network. ♥ 

My friends & family are greatly my world. 

I endeavour to eat, grow, cook, shop and create as eco-consciously as I am able.
And each of those things I enjoy so much! ☆ ♫ ~ ♥ ~ ♫ ☆

I LOVE to make things. Use my hands. I love the tradition of it, the satisfaction and the creative process itself. Whether it be knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, mending, painting, colouring, writing, cooking, baking, gardening or reading how to do it all, well... it all gives me pleasure. And happily, the rest of my family feel the same way.

And finally why am I writing a blog?
Well, to record it all.

My sons are now quite independant 2 and 4 year olds. But I have little idea where that time has gone. Without photos, I don't think I'd even remember half of what went on throughout that time!

So, I thought I'd create a diary of sorts.
For my family, for our friends all over the world and of course for myself.

I hope others will find it interesting too!

As for the description title of my blog? Well, they are words that inspire me and make me react to them in a passionate way. And they lead on to more things that interest me, such as:

~Everything Crafty ~Cooking
~all else
~My Family
~My Life and all that includes
~My Interests
It's a pleasure to share, I hope you enjoy reading.

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