29 September, 2010

Repurposing Boy pants from a skirt

I was given this lovely skirt and told to pass it on to another
or an op-shop if it wasn't my style.

Well, I of course thought it was gorgeous, but it just didn't sit right on me, as often happens.
BUT I thought I'd much rather utilise it, with it's quality material, cute buttons and groovy design...
Which is about when it came to me, my eldest has been after me to make him some pants.
( I tend to make many more for Little Pipkin as he is the action man around here & boy does he do some clothing damage!)

So the skirt, became these!

What do you think of the buttons? I just had to remove and keep them for some yummy project down the track. 

My first step was to cut out the material in the shape of pants!
(Yes, to any 'real' sewers out there,
my method is rather slap-bang, basic)
I found another pair of pants that fit Mr Turtle comfortably and laid them out to cut around. Allowing both for a seam and lots of leg room (as there's no give in this heavy cotton material).
I cut out on the Right side of the material so that I could use the skirt's band as a leg cuff and I wanted to get it straight.
I also made the pants a little longer, thinking I could have a wide waist band and let it out later as Mr Turtle grew UP (I think the heavy material will lend itself to a bit of wear and tear!)
So I cut out a single leg and then mirrored it as the template for the other leg.

I pinned from the cuff to the crotch, on the Wrong side.

Then overlocked the legs in the same direction.

Then for a little trick my Crafty Step-Mum taught me...I turn one leg Right side out, one Wrong side out. Slide one leg inside the other - to have Right sides facing each other. Then sew the whole crotch in one go.

This makes for an even seam and no chance of holes in between the legs.
I used my overlocker and think it turned out really well!

Once the pants are turned again to Wrong side out, we can see we're nearly there!

Last bit is my easy waist band. I love using elastic because the boys find them easiest to go to the toilet in a hurry (when you're always a busy soul, this is important!)
I use thick waistband elastic, measured around said child's waist.
After pinning and sewing the waistband (on the sewing machine in straight stitch). I leave a little gap. Thread my elastic onto a large safety or nappy pin. Thread it around all of the way and then sew the elastic ends together.
Finally I sew the gap in the waistband.

Then Voila! New pants = Happy son.

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