10 July, 2010

Rainy Afternoon Puffy Painting

On browsing through some of my favourite blogs,
looking for an activity that was quick to start and fun to do,
I came across this one!

Requiring only some cardboard to paint on
& the recipe of

1T Self Raising Flour
1T Salt
A little water to make a paste
& food colouring of choice.

Then...you need to cook the finished pieces of art using...a microwave.
I've tried to get rid of ours many times, but each time, my man recommends we keep it.

Well, it seems he was right this time!

In the Beginning...
(and a not so natural blue...)

Mr Turtle in action


Oops, should have taken the photo, before my boys began creating.
But with the excitement, there just wasnt time!

A family who creates together...
Completed projects.
 These were cooked for about 15secs each
☺Well, Mama's happy☺
Outside mother earth is pouring rain onto our garden, and inside my two little guys are content ~ creating.
AND with this project I even get to (kind of) cook!  

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