23 July, 2010

Our evening meal thankfullness song!

Mr Turtle and I wrote these verses together,
one afternoon while Little Pipkin was napping...

We sing it to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it"

Over the months, we've added hand actions,
which really encourages our boys -
(and our friends when we're lucky enough to have them over for dinner)
- to join in!

We light you dancing fire faerie,
To focus our attention on our meal.
Our meal comes to us through the hard work of ~
Hands, sun, water and earth.

We thank the owners of the hands.
We thank the bright shining sun.
We thank the cool flowing water.
We thank our Mother Earth.

Our food gives us energy and health.
For all of this and each other,
For all our family and all our friends,
We are truly grateful.

I hope you enjoyed it

(I borrowed the lovely picture above,  from here)

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